About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are people who are extremely passionate about romantic love, and who desire nothing less than making the world a better place by… spreading love! It might sound cliché, but we do believe love is the strongest force in the universe (yes, moreso than supermassive blackholes). We have observed other couples for years, and we have figured out why our relationship was so strong, while everyone else’s couldn’t seem hold a candle to ours. But we also understand that not everyone is like us, and we are very aware of the infinite facets and shapes love can take: we have acquired a level of enlightenment of romantic love that must be shared with the world; it is our duty.

The Problem

Romantic love is dying. We believe that, for nearly everyone, having a good partner is the greatest investment you could have in your life, because that single aspect can greatly influence all other aspects of your life. But people have trouble connecting: they can’t find a good match, settle for so little, thinking that they’re not good enough, blame themselves for any failed relationship. They’ve been told all sorts of nonsense from so many different people, usually being told lies such as “You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first”. So many people have given up on finding love because our society’s extremely flawed views on what romantic love should be.

Our Mission

We want to show people the truth. We will crush the numerous myths about love. We want to show people the best ways to connect, maintain, and make the flame of passion burn strong than ever. We just want to help people understand themselves better as well as understand those feelings and desires they have deep inside of them. But, most of all, we want to teach about what romantic love really is all about, so that our students can in turn teach others!