How to Indulge Your Time Together

How to Indulge Your Time Together

It’s scientifically proven: close relationships make us happy and healthy. Love heals, protects and prevents. The more you have of it, the happier you’ll be, and the longer you’ll live. There is no reason not to indulge! And if you are truly passionate about love, taking the time to invest in each other will lead to mutual happiness.

Make the Most of It

Enjoying your time together needs to be one of your top priorities. Otherwise, your mind will become absorbed by other thoughts concerning work, relatives, or anything that is distracting you from the one thing you should really be focusing on while you’re planning a date or even during your precious time together…

It doesn’t matter what it is you decide to do together, it’s just important to make the most of it. As long as it is something that you together, even a bland and uninteresting task can become something far more positive experience by integrating aspects of your relationship into the task. Be creative and playful!

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Of course, you should try to prioritize activities that you particularly want to do together. Cleaning the dishes can be something you would prefer doing together, but what if you took care of it yourself in your free time to have more time for something that you should really be doing together, or just anything that is far more enjoyable together?

You should always split tasks and activities in a way that you both will have the greatest time together. If scheduling tasks works for you and does not cause friction between the two of you, then it can be a wonderful approach! But, if you or your partner prefers to really consider each other’s feelings, particularly towards the task at hand, then it might be better to evaluate and adjust the situation on the fly. For example: maybe you’ve been cooking all day preparing for a birthday and would happily leave the task of making dinner to your partner! It’s important to remember that a relationship isn’t about each partner gathering 5000 arbitrary points everyday, but rather both partners giving their 100%.

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Plan Ahead

The first and most important thing you should decide in advance, is that the time you spend together will be primarily (or at least secondarily) dedicated to having a great time together. Once that is decided, take some time to prepare for a wonderful time!

Set Yourself up for a Good Time

If, as most couples, your time together is limited, you can and should use your free time to prepare in advance for it. It’s especially important if your partner is having a bad day; you could turn a frown into a smile! While they might not completely turn around their mood, the time you put in for them will not be any less appreciated if they do care back about you.

Think of the Little Things

What can actually be done that would require little effort, yet yield great results while coming personally from you? Think of what strongly links the two of you, become inspired, and create!

  • Write a poem about how you feel about them
  • Prepare their favourite meal
  • Give away a few coupons for free hugs
  • Give them a massage

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These are all great ways to start the night together. It’s a good idea to build a list of little things you can do for your partner. This way, you’ll have a list you can go back to whenever you are short on time and want to do a little something for the one you love,  

Plan for Inconveniences

The unexpected should be expected. You shouldn’t try to book a flight on the same day as a forecast storm. Keep your most important dates, not for the next earliest available day, but when it is the least likely to interrupt your time together! Even if you do end up delaying a date, it will give a bit more time to prepare.

Spending Time Together

How to Have a Good Time

Live the Moment Fully

You might be focusing too much on what you’re doing, rather than the ‘together’. Think about re-centering your feelings towards the one you love for a nice boost in happiness!

Make It Special

Try to think of something that makes this moment particularly special for the two of you, or what could make it special.

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Show them a face that they will want to remember!

What to Watch out For

Letting Your Emotions Get the Best of You

We all know that we shouldn’t be bringing our personal problems to work. However, focusing on negative aspects of your life as you spend time with your partner can ruin a carefully prepared date. If you do need to let it out, then by all means, let it out. Afterwards, the two of you can put it aside and focus on ‘us’.

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Dividing Your Attention

Any division of your attention essentially means that you are not giving your full attention towards your partner and what you are trying to accomplish with them. Even small, but regular lapses in attention can add up and drag down the overall mood.

The Internet can be quite distracting! When you spend time together, stay mindful of:

  • Working at the same time
  • Checking Emails
  • Checking Facebook
  • Browsing Pinterest
  • Texting

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Don’t Make It a Chore

Everything you do for your partner needs to come from the heart. If you don’t do something out of love, but instead out of obligation, not only will you not feel satisfied no matter what the reaction might be, but it will show in your actions as well. You can only enjoy someone’s appreciation if you put your heart into it.

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