The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief

Belief is commonly associated with spirituality and religion, but does not have to be exclusively related to a higher plane or what is beyond tangible proof. While it proves to be stronger in greater numbers, its power should not be underestimated as even a single person’s belief in another can give them the strength to change their lives, or even the world, for the better. If you feel that faith in another human being is a ridiculous concept, you might want to reconsider.

Why it is so powerful

Most people don’t really have much belief in themselves or their ability to take meaningful actions in their lives. Many people grew up without anyone believing in them, and simply developed a low sense of self-esteem as a result.

Can the belief in another cure self-esteem issues? Yes. Absolutely.

  • It promotes happiness
  • It encourages to face one’s fear, leading to reduced anxiety
  • It builds confidence, as they are not alone in their belief
  • It grants the power to persevere through greater adversity
  • It reinforces one’s own belief in oneself

[embed-pin id=”828451293930312899″]The more you believe in me, the more my confidence grows, as does my love for you ♥[/embed-pin]

Paired with love, it is truly the most powerful tool in your arsenal towards a better and more satisfying relationship.

The trust you have in a partner is, after all, acquired. Belief, on the other hand, involves trust in your partner’s ability to face the unknown. Fear of the unknown has been suggested to be one of the few core human phobias. The reason why belief is so powerful, is that the courage needed to overcome this fear is proportional to the positive impact it will have on your partner, as long as they trust you enough to let your beliefs influence them.

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Just as a caterpillar cannot transform into a butterfly without enough nutrients, we cannot truly blossom and achieve our full potential without others’ belief in us. To believe in your partner is to give them more power, determination, and motivation to truly excel at what they want and what they were always meant to accomplish. Belief alone can completely turn someone around.

[embed-pin id=”828451293930312909″]It’s only through your love that I am able to become the awesome person I was always meant to be[/embed-pin]

Total Belief in Your Partner

Having faith in each other is necessary for a fulfilling love life, but what happens if you take it to the next level? The more important you are to someone, the greater the influence you will have on them. And who other than one’s own life partner has a greater influence over them? By believing strongly in your partner, you can eventually persuade them to the point where they, too, will have complete belief in themselves. And I speak from experience when I say that I am, forever, so unbelievably thankful to my wife to have shown me the way. I cannot overstate how strongly I wish everyone had a partner that believes in them as much as my wife does with me.

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Of course, your own judgment is paramount here.

What you should believe in:

  • Their ability to grow and persevere
  • Their desire to show you you are right to believe in them
  • That your own ability to support and believe in them can make the impossible possible

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We Believe in Us

Believing in the toughness, sturdiness, and resilience of your relationship is the only way to take your relationship to the next level. What is that next level? It is up to you, to both of you. If you both believe that together, you can tackle absolutely anything that comes your way, you will eventually develop the willpower to face the greatest challenges life has to offer.

[embed-pin id=”828451293930312949″]Whenever our love is tested, it’s never a challenge. We always win.[/embed-pin]

Examples of notable challenges:

  • Becoming amazing partner dancers
  • Starting and/or running a business together
  • Conquering high-altitude peaks such as Mt. Everest or Kilimanjaro, together
  • Finishing Iron Man together

If the belief in your relationship is this strong, nothing will be able to shatter it, and you will come out of these challenges as reborn and fulfilled.

[embed-pin id=”828451293930312964″]What doesn’t separate us makes us stronger, yet nothing can take me away from my love ♥[/embed-pin]

Don’t just say it, do it

When you say you believe in your partner, it always comes from the heart. But unless you back it up with actions, those words do little more than expressing your feelings of trust toward them.

What does it mean to ‘do it’? It means that you do not doubt in your partner, thus little to no anxiety is experienced, and your words and actions will reflect that. It means that you will be there to reassure them that their goal is worth it and is achievable. It means that you will share with them the happiness experienced from making progress towards their goal — this journey you decided to take on, together.

[embed-pin id=”828451293930312925″]To believe in someone is not only to cheer them on, but to gladly face life’s challenges, together[/embed-pin]


It can be hard to keep believing in yourself all that time with all those obstacles you didn’t prepare for appearing in front of you. I, myself, was faced several times with failures and roadblocks that made me question my ability to complete important projects, to the point that my confidence was on the verge of shattering. While I was losing belief in myself, my wife, however, didn’t blink. It is only through her perseverance that I was able to get back on track. She managed to make me believe in myself more than ever.

Persistence is not an option; it is mandatory. If you were to choose to believe in them, and then to abandon that belief, the wound inflicted would be quite challenging to heal — likely more so than if you had simply kept believing. But if you persist and believe until the prophecy comes to pass, you will be blessed with an overwhelming sense of pride towards your partner that very few people ever get to experience.

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