This disclaimer affects any information shared publicly or privately by Romantic Love Guide and its team, found on https://romanticlove.guide, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or any other platform.


Your confidentiality is very important to us. If you choose our coaching services, your personal information can only be shared with other members of our coaching team, solely to provide you with better service that will yield better results, faster. In the case of our Couple Coaching plans, we will never share a client’s personal information with their significant other – we believe that all such personal information should be communicated directly between significant others of their own accord.

User Responsibility

Our users are responsible for their own health, well-being, actions and decisions; we will not be held accountable for the actions of our clients.

Medical Advice

We believe that love is a very powerful tool to promote healing and growth. We also believe that those diagnosed with mental disorders are not broken and can still benefit from our services. However, we are not pharmaceutical experts, and thus cannot personally recommend you to alter or cease medications, will not diagnose any illness, nor claim that you were cured of an existing illness/disorder through the use of our services or by any other means. If you feel that you no longer need a particular medication, please consult your health specialist to discuss it first.

Dietary advice

While we may provide dietary tips to those who might benefit from them, we are not certified dietitians or nutritionists, and our advice are based entirely on our own research and experience that has not been evaluated by any entity capable of certifying the application of such knowledge. Any dietary advice is provided as-is, and we are not responsible for any undesirable outcome from said advice. Anyone who is serious about implementing these dietary changes should be followed by a nutritionist or dietitian to be properly evaluated and followed to ensure beneficial results and to control any potential damage.